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About Us

Modern therapies can dramatically improve the health of people living with HIV who have access to care, but cannot cure infection. The Jones Lab is committed to harnessing cellular immune responses (T-cells and natural killer cells) to improve upon this status quo, by developing therapies that are able to either cure infection, or to further restore health by reducing viral reservoirs. We approach this challenge by seeking to understand the factors that prevent these immune responses from naturally eradicating infection, and devising potential solutions to these obstacles that can be tested in our preclinical models.

With the help of our collaborators, the solutions that we are exploring span a broad and multidisciplinary spectrum ranging from: the enhancement of immune cell function through genetic or materials science engineering, the identification and characterization of latency reversal and immunotherapeutic drugs or biologics that are able to synergize with T-cells or NK cells, and the development of strategies to target T-cells against non-escaped viral epitopes.

Weill Cornell Medicine Jones Lab 413 E 69th Street 5th floor New York, NY 10021 Phone: (646) 962-4652